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  • Francesco M


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    Happy Nudist looking for nudists. Exhibitionist love being naked with YOUNG guys!

    December 12, 2013







  • About Me

    • Anything that has beat and romance to it!

    • Steelman and any movies that have hot bare chested guys in the movie!

    • Swimming, diving, kayaking. (Love speedos) Also love hockey! Anything that keeps my pecs solid!

    • Young guys who look for a trusted older brother or father figure, who are open in their heart, seeking non sexual love, someonr who cares about them.

    • Helping and caring for unwanted youth. Looking for the unloved and loving them!

    • My heart and my brain

    • A guy who looks for the unloved and loves them! A guy who is genuine in sharing his heart with others. A guy who is real, sincere and respects others. A guy who just wants to love you (non-sexual)