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    November 13, 2013



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  • About Me

    • The good ol´times.. from middle age, celtic, folk oder the 70´2. 80´s, and more

    • History Channel, Fantasy, Blood and Sand, good comedies etc.

    • Books from Hohlbein... at the moment

    • I think my eyes

    • One for all and all for one. To help a friend is normal and actually not necessary to mention. I am straight and expect others to be the same. Never do to others what you wouldn´t like to get done to you. And last not least: scammers are the pest on earth... so don´t waste my time! Furthermore - I am not interested in anybody below the age of at least 45! So - do not bother to write if you are younger than that!

    • SCAM BUZZ OFF!!! I SMELL YOU A MILE AGAINST THE WIND!FURTHERMORE I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BEING A SUGAR MAMA NOR INTERESTED IN A TOY BOY!!! SO IF YOU ARE UNDER 40 YRS OF AGE - DO NOT BOTHER TO CONTACT NOR ASK FOR FRIENDSHIP! THAT BORES ME!!! I know my age and accept it! I do not need a young man to boost my ego and to feel younger! Get a decent job and earn your living - do not steal of woman! Achja, diese kleinen Schwachmathen, die hier mit 2 Profilen rumlaufen, 2 verschiedene Altersangaben machen und dann noch laufend schriftlich belästigen..... Bauch waschen, Schnauze halten - nicht nerven!!!

    • Diese kleinen Bübelchen, die hier hoffen eine reiche, reife Frau zu finden - können mir mal gepflegt den verlängerten Rücken runterrutschen. Meistens fehlt da eh die Intelligenz...*fg Und werden beleidigend, wenn man nicht interessiert ist. Einfach lachhaft! Die Fabel "Der Fuchs und die Trauben" passt auf solche Bübchen immer ;-) Not interested in Toy Boys - so stop bothering me! Be at least 40 BEFORE you write to me. I do not communicate with little boys! Furthermore - asking for friendship - yet having a closed profile - is not accepted, neither! If you want to be a friend - open your profile and write to me first!