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  • About Me

    • Spoken Word, Neo Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz and Old Skool. Artists like Nego Tru, Suli Breaks, Anthony Hamilton, Lyfe Jennings, Algebra, Alicia Keyes, Eryka Badu, Bill Withers,Kem, Craig David. Case, Joe, Jill Scott, Kindred and the Family Soul, Kendrick Lamar, the Game, Common and Raheem Devaughn.... Tariq

    • DJango Unchained, Birth of a Nation, Love Jones, Disappearing Acts, Hav Plenty, The Best Man, Love and Basketball, The Five Heartbeats and countless others, but more than anything else, I am a romantic at heart, and anything that depicts black love thriving, and surviving... I will watch once.

    • The Real Husbands of Hollyhood " the most stupid funny shit I have ever watched" Sorry maybe this says something about me, but it is the only TV show I watch outside of sports and news... Please forgive the fool in me...

    • Shaka Senghur, Writing my Wrongs, Richard Wrights, the Invisible Man, The Easy Rawlins series, Fire Next Time by James Baldwin, Cool Pose by Nathan Mc Call, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Up From Slavery, White Skins, Black Masks, by Frantz Fanon, as well the Bible and the Quran..

    • NCAA Basketball, teams The University of Arizona, and Kentucky. The NFL, teams such as the Minnesota Vikings and the Houston Texans. The Lakers, the Clippers and the Chicago Bulls.

    • Afrocentric history, diversity, love, empowerment and the enhancement of our sense of community, as well as Unity. Crazy but it sounds like a 60's Revolutionary ideological response, but I love who we are, in every color and hue, from every set, to every faith of every religion. Growing up, we never could have imagined a Black President, so maybe we can imagine our people finally caring for one another, in spite of who we are, where we are from, or color we love, wear, represent...Just a thought, from an ideologically challenged brother who wants so much better for my children, and their children... I do want to clarify this one issue, I don't want this solely for my children but for all children.

    • Okay, my dreams are to settle down, get remarried. But more than anything else I want to find real happiness. I am sure we all believe we want to be happy, but real happiness is so different, it may be the ability to let your heart and soul be in the hands of someone else, who is willing to take responsibility for you, as well as you for them. Thats some shit that in this day and age may not really exist. But if you are incapable of letting go, you won't ever know... So I am ready to just let this happen, win lose or draw, I will leave this earth knowing I honestly tried to give to someone so openly, and honestly. Sincerely, Tariq

    • Understanding, empathy, and the ability to face each day without fear... Did I mention my eyes, maybe?

    • well, here we go...My birthname was Ron Diggs, thus R.E.D.... The one thing most important about me is, I am not the brotha you are use to. I don't care about the streets, nor those people in them in the sense that my family, the woman in my life and our children are all I need.I can not negate my life prior to enlightenment, but I will not promote a way of living that supports the killing of others who look like me. I am like an old Dr Jay Virginia Squires Jersey, I am a throwback... I really have done all the things a lot of brotha's are still into. Now all I want is to see God's promise fulfilled in the sense that he has endowed man with the free will to love, believe, and seek his blessings, by being all he has enabled us to be.

    • She will most definitely be independent but not so independent that she doesn't need me. She will be capable of loving me, for me, and yet demand the best of me inspite of any fear of upsetting me. She must be someone who truly wants to share all of herself because I am offering all of me. Last but not least she must have faith in God,in the beauty of of what was created. I realize it sounds as if I have someone in mind, and the truth is she has always been a part of who I am for I was meant for her, and her for me. Okay, maybe it is just some romantic thinking on my behalf, but it is who I believe I may find. She has no predetermined form, or look, there was no preference in hair length, eye color, facial structure, but she is all that I seek. Please believe me... She picks her fights, knowing that I was my own man when she fell in love with me, and I will always be that man she chose to love... I promise... It is crazy in the sense that love should be as solid as the earth, yet able to change, and still be as wonderful. It was written by ancients, by people, spirits, by our ancestors that we would find one another, and now all we have to do is follow our hearts.

    • I am who I am and that can not change, nor shall I deviate from the truth as I know it. With each new chapter in life, I have come to realize that I can only be the man, Allah created me to be. Imperfect? Yes. Infowlable? Of course. Realistic? By all means. Striving for success? With every breath. Love Tariq Amir Al-Sayeed