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  • About Me

    • Meeting business minded people who seize an opportunity when they see it. People who are sick and tired of being average

    • To have a team of 100 people all making over 100K a year working part time

    • Looking for people who are living pay check to pay check. Growing my team of residual income earners. Inbox me

    • Who's looking to stay-at-home, part-time and make $200-$500 extra income? All while using your cell phone or computer. Direct sells to people calling you to buy. Weekly pay, Direct deposit. Training provided.


    • The difference between the corporate america's pyramid and the NetworkMarketing pyramid is.. A. Most people that are in corporate must give most of their time for Pennies on the dollar and may never move up the ladder let alone become CEO of anything because of how the pyramid is set up. That CEO will pass it on or sell. (^this requires degrees, hook ups, resumes, interviews, TIME....) B. Network marketing is about being YOUR own CEO with an expansion blueprint already set, partners to help you share professionally and build a team to get money with. So now you are now exchanging ideas for millions. (^this requires vision and a small investment in yourself and ACTION) I choose B.

    • for more info, send me a message