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    I am here for GOOD friends and networking primarily .I run and own a GLOBAL Health and Nutrition Business and like to play Pets with Friends .

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    • All types played college and highschool football . Auto racing bicycle racing .Sail Boat racing/Sailing , Motorcycle Racing , Formula 1 Stock Car Aircraft Racing . Fishing yes that to me a sport if your in competition . Oh the sport list goes on Pets is that a sport ? Well Sticking to it can be :)

    • PETS, Networking,Business, Nutrition, Fitness, Body Building ,Astronomy, Fishing Bicycle Riding/Racing , Electronics Engineering ,Computers, Astronomy , Radio controlled Aircraft, Aviation,Science , mostly PETS and Friends here on Tagged AND SAILING !!! IS RELAXING Building Computers and Radio Electronics are all FUN for me . Lots of Expensive Hobbies Aircraft Sail Boats Jet Ski . Toys are great get all you can why Not :) Psychology Medicine just so many interests :) I need another life time and more time to do them all but Hey I am into anti Aging Nutrition and Skin care and Staying Healthy so you never know . Life is Great if you Make it Great :) I only do it if the REWARDS are GREAT !!!

    • I LIVE my Dreams..YOU can TOO . I live the Life I dream about all day long..I found a way to be on Tagged or any place I like No No NO BOSSES or regular Jobs For Me. I Just Do what I want ... Time and Financial Freedom is good !!!! :) I work when I like and only when MOTIVATED .I Live My Dream ? You May say that . I am Never Bored Too Much To Do .. :) Too many people to help . I learned to leverage TIME so you can too it beats working for others tell you that :)

    • Humm that's hard to say ? :) Maybe my fantastic magnetic friendly personality or is it my Legs.? I ride a lot of Bicycle and Body Build. I don't know you tell me I am VERY different I will admit and tell you that .. Happy people give wisely and care enough to do something positive in life that bennifits others . Unhappy people are just takers and talkers they never amount to much but we LUV them all God's Children .I know I stay open minded and positive and keep it Fun Simple Easy is my KEY to Success along with Time Management and Leveraging . I teach this to all my Partners and Members DAILY .:)

    • Keeping it FUN SIMPLE and EASY is my way of life now . If you are interested in the Videos here just drop me a line here :) I have lived all over the world in many countries and have learned about many cultures and beliefs . It is a FUN interesting WORLD if you look for the positive in others and keep an open mind we may get along :) Please negative and close minded people are tolerated but not my favorite FRIENDS . Really just seeking friends here so I have not been disappointed :) I do not waste much time on NEGATIVE CLOSE Minded people the world full of them and I do not hang with them hardly ever . Dr. Tom

    • Hey Scamers I love to play with you people too LOL Come and try me Winks Your welcome too Try . Oh boy Fun :) We seen em all and PLAYED with the VERY BEST LOL :)

    • While it is fun to dream of retiring early as I have a few times many will never get the chance .If you have a stressful time at work, realize not everyone will actually be happy without some type of work or MISSION to fill their day. It takes initiative to get off the couch as an early retiree. Instead of running into people at work-related events, you must pick up the phone to call your friends to go out. You need to get over the nervousness of trying something new, and drive, fly or sail to the places you want to visit. Those who sit around all day quickly find that the days get boring, and a lack of social interaction and exercise can also start to impact your health. And let’s face it, without a healthy body, nothing is enjoyable anyway. That is exactly why I still do something Fun that helps people's Health and Spirit I retired early from a regular professional career long ago as I had become Financially independant in the Nutrition Business Globally now what I do is like it like play for me now . I just help as many as will learn from me the Secrets of Success and profitability are mostly what I share with my GREAT partners the very best now.

    • I train people and help others develop world wide businesses mostly using the internet and computer automation . The companies we select to work with are only the VERY BEST then ships products for you World Wide and they have a full blown secure order processing and customer service departments world wide in many languages for the company websites ordering is secure and operates 24/7 in many languages . Ask me for our secure company websites . if interested use code performance1 in USA and Canada and get a Free $50.00 One time no catches Free Gift Card from our company . For Details see Cheers to your health and wealth as without health all the wealth in the world is totally meaningless . In Europe or other countries use Use code performance1 get a 50 Euro immediate discount Gift card no catches. WANT TO EARN GREAT ADDED INCOME ? CONTACT our recruiting hotline at 985-867-3451 in USA You can speak to successful business owners that have made millions of dollars in this business in the last 5 years . :) This is GLOBAL !!!! :) Have FUN and earn :)

    • Drop me a note here about the product or Business I will get you what you need. Or for faster information call us at 1-985-867-3451 in USA .

    • Oh boy I played with some of the VERY BEST and I know the rest LOL Come on I love to play with you Scamers LOL TRY me PLEASE !!!! LOL I just LUV to waste your time so you leave someone else alone :) Time is $$$$$$ Baby :) Come on try me :) It is a game you play RIGHT ? :)

    • Time is one of the most valuable resources if you learn to manage it and realize that doing things sometimes works but to do them better and faster and with quality proven training is always better to just learn from a PROFESSIONAL . It usually worth the extra effort or small $ to learn to use your time efficiently. I require this of my business partners that they try to use our time efficiently as thats the major investment in our business and worth more to anyone then $$$$$$$ unless you do not have any $$$$$$$$ then you usually got too much time to waste . You only get one shot at it so use your time wisely and use some time management techniques or learn some FAST :) .

    • Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. You are an amazing person, don't be afraid to be yourself, and let all the parts of you that you like, shine! Become all you can be overcome the Fear of Success !!!! Many at least 95% do not even know that is really what holds them back or Steals from their Dreams :) Believe you can and overcome the FEAR of Success .

    • and check it out . You can also see our Europe website in many Countries and languages at See this also

    • It’s hard to talk soberly about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. Roundup, as anyone following the GMO brouhaha knows, is the herbicide that genetically modified crops have been designed to tolerate. Glyphosate tolerance is a trait that allows farmers to spray the GM crops and kill the weeds but not the corn or soy. And so it’s inevitable that glyphosate is all wound up in GMOs, and the debate is commensurately heated. The controversy amped up earlier this year when the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a World Health Organization agency, declared glyphosate a probable human carcinogen. Predictably, opponents of GMOs made hay over the report, urging consumer caution and regulatory attention. Equally predictably, GMO supporters questioned both the agenda of the agency and the quality of the assessment. Monsanto has commissioned a panel to review it. After another 50 years even our scientists will see they created a Frankenstein monster and they killed many of us in the process early :( Terminal cancer is linked as ar many many other things such as food allergies for your Children or grand Children :( It is pure Greed !

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    • My Mom died at 66 of Diabetes II need I say more read the report and find out why children can have learning disabilities and MUCH more on the White Lady that some say is more addictive then cocaine . And gives some a bigger thrill . Yes I beat the sugar addiction totally as it affected my family. And yes it is HIGHLY addictive even more so then some illegal drugs according to many tests and Scientific / Medical studies . Truth is plants have enough sugar you do not need any more and if you got a sweet tooth Stevia is a lot less $ in the long run . Treatments for some diseases will set you back thousands even with the best insurance you do not need the pain and anguish . It can kills you Slow but some FAST ..... very FAST . Note Sugar at the amounts most Americans use (The average dose) is also asociated with Cancer as it like this Cancer can only use Sugars as fuel unlike healthy cells Cancer does not use oxygen as healthy cells can use both . so limiting or cutting out the White Sugar and Especially Corn Sweets and also other artificial sweets (mainly developed from sugar byproducts ) can help you avoid Cancer . FACT .

    • This is so all my loving friends know . Genetically Modified crops have produced inferior yields when compared to their unmodified counterparts. That has now been shown in current tests . That's not what they promised !!! GM crops have been shown also to have poor disease resistance again that's not what they promised !!! GM crops are engineered to contain BT toxins they kill beneficial insects such as bees, lacewings, swallowtails, and monarch butterflies. (Monsanto claims they are concerned about this, but so far greenwashing has been their only response). Bt Toxins are not good for you either !!! Glufosinate from the sprays used on GM crops causes birth defects in mammals. Fruit abortion (a failure of fruit production). Glyphosate has been linked to cancer. Poor financial returns for farmers. GMOs violate farmers rights (Monsanto takes farmers' farms away by lawsuits monthly). GMOs violate human rights and basic human dignity. (The right to know and control what we put into our bodies is a basic and fundamental human right). Learn more:

    • This product we market Globally Purium and health food products have clinically proven Anti-Ageing and POSITIVE health properties and have MANY studies ,Clinical Trials / Major University tests and MANY satisfied customers including me proving it is effective. FACT 95% of people world wide do not get enough Nutrition FACT !!!! I only work with proven clinically tested products and programs . It is No WONDER 1 out of 3 people in the USA and other developed countries now get cancer some time in Life . FACT !!! What is your Health worth ? You can't afford to be without this AMAZING NEW Clinically proven Product Biome -Medic . No one else has this except our Representatives .We have Many Doctors and Nurses working with us . It works and is now proven science and in the Doctors PDR :) You can only get it from our Reps .. ONLY . It 100% money back guaranteed . Safe and it does more for many then advertising says . ASK me !!! :) They under promise and over DELIVER results !!! The products in the MD's PDR reference in USA so it safe and works on just abut everyone that say they did not believe it till they try it . So try it is 100% money back guaranteed .985-867-3451 in USA

    • In the New Tests GMOs and the sprays used by GMO Farmers are dangerous to your health .Why is our government refusing to let states label GMOs when many countries have Banned and Heavily Regulated GMOs and the toxic sprays they use ? Can it be Greed and Corruption ? You figure that out . If GMOs are so great then WHY do the same companies that have designed them and use them Pay Millions so they are not Labeled ? Greed Profits and Corruption ? It is sure not for your health !!! See They are doing something POSITIVE to change the health of the planet . And No it is not about the Darn $ and profits . Your Health and your families should come before that !!!

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