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  • About Me

    • Please listen to a few of my music choices here on my profile. Throw me a tag if you like my taste. Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!!

    • Everything as long as you're next to me to snuggle up with.

    • Don't have time for sad news. Every time I watch TV it always breaks my heart to know. But love the TV series The Walking Dead - Food Network - Animal Planet - History Ch - Anthony Bourdain - Travel Ch - Discovery.

    • LMAO I have a kindle (never opened still in the box)

    • Surfing - Football - Tennis - Jogging - Working Out -Fishing - Hunting (Lady Hunter. lol jk)

    • Camping - Off roading - Airsoft - Any water event or activity - Also any outdoor event or activity.

    • Owning my own land and build my dream house and live out my life with my wife and be happy.

    • Hmmm IDK it's a complete package so you decide.

    • I also do enjoy relaxing nights at home, but mostly I rather be on the road driving some where as long as it is not in CA lol. I love road trips, as long as you're by my side we will create our new precious adventures together.

    • Love BBW If you have that hour glass shape and BBW that's a plus.

    • I love the outdoors, I look forward to explore camping, fishing, kayaking and off road adventures with me. I have always lived near the ocean because it is always the best short get away and relaxing, also the best place to find peace with yourself. Wouldn't mind finding a tennis partner as well. By the way if you love a man that knows how to cook. I am a great cook, I enjoy cooking for the ones I love and to watch their expressions when they take that first bite. (Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and old fashion traditional American dishes)3

    • Being honest truthful

    • I have