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  • Jessie𝔏ᵘᵛᵧₒᵤJorge hugs Bes❤️

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    **..When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long,and no other love can break them apart..**

    August 22, 2012






  • About Me

    • Mellow music, Classical Songs with God gave me you music and Alternative rock

    • A moment to remember, Brave heart, Titanic, Mistress, Pearl Harbor, Star Ship Troppers and any korean movies even if i don't understand,.blahhhhh

    • Talk shows with t.v personality,. CNN news,.

    • A moment to remember book and by Shakespeare's too

    • Volleyball and softball

    • Mountain hiking, camping, outdoor activities, surfing, travelling, strumming guitar, reading any kind of Books and doing household chores

    • Just to reach a star 🌟 and to be with you esposo for the end of our life.

    • friendly and smiling

    • Just know me better and you're the one who says me who I am. Charrrrr


    • Almighty God, my husband, two sons and my family

    • If by chance your heart knows where to stay, let it be. Because sometimes it takes a long time for your heart to find a new place to rest and trust again.

    • Your the man who touches my heart like no other. You helps to make my life worthwhile. I can turn to you in good times and bad times, when I need comfort, reassurance or a smile to warm my heart. Your my lover, partner, companion and friend. Your the man who makes my dream come true. Your my life's biggest achievement and I get to be with an awesome man like you everyday. I LOVE YOU💍

    • You know why I hate SILENCE so much? Because when's it's QUITE... that the moment I think of you and wanna be with you... I MISS YOU🏆🏆🏆

    • It is good to have a husband who forgives you for your past. It is even better to have a husband who does not mind the mistakes you make in your present. But it is BEST to have a husband who forgets everything and wants to give you a bright FUTuRE. Just like the hubby that i have. { Jorge Martins}👍🏆

    • My life has all colors, because I have YOU as my hubby, YOU are so caring & loving. I just want to thank you for being there in my life.🏆🏆

    • Playing pets only🖤🖤🖤