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    I guess i am the right man for u

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    • Rap,R&B, Country and Rock

    • Depends on the mood and company

    • Hunting, fishing, football, Horseback riding, the outdoors, movies, Camping,Rainbow Gatherings,Outdoor camping Concerts,Gardening

    • My Chest and Eyelashes

    • I will be 47 Nov 27. am told by friends that I am an old soul with a sharp and dry sense of humor.. im sensitive, romantic, understanding, easygoing, cool, open minded, communicative, kind hearted n determined, sociable, trust-person. im always in a good mood n optimist.One thing about me is that I am completely honest with people. This goes for my colleagues at work and in my personal life. I tell people the entire story every time even if it is not particularly what they would like to hear or doesn't cast me in a desirable light. I treat people with honesty, loyalty, care, respect and i am very understanding and I expect nothing short of 100% of the same in return.