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    wht up my ppl? love ya john :)

    May 4, 2012





  • About Me

    • a lil of everything, heavy metal, country, pop, rap, oldies. etc

    • honey i srank the kids, dukes of hazzard, the chaperone, peral harbor, titantic, lord of the rings, harry potter, high life, the desenct,

    • tht 70s show, family guy, south park, american dad, king of the hill, cold case, without a trace, mentalist, numbers, csi, ncis, medium, wwe- raw, smackdwn, prison break, arrow, supernatural, charmed, angel, etc

    • harry potter, romance, horror, inspirational romantic suspence, sci-fi. etc

    • vollyball, football, soccer, 4 wheelers, floor hockey, wwe smackdwn, raw, snowboarding, skatebording, rollerblading, tennis, track, badmittin, dogeball, etc

    • reading, swimming, hanging wit friends n family, and being outdoors, surfin the net, mushroom huntn, boating, fast cars, shopping, taking photos, listing ta tunes, amusement park rollor costers, riding horses, fishn, mudding. etc.

    • 2 b accepted 4 me, and not judged, 2 love a man and have tht love returned, and not b hit. 4 my man 2 accept my 3 kids as his own and love them as his own.

    • um my personality, my eyes, and my smile i think lol idk u tell me!

    • im 22 years old, i have 3 kids 2 girls and a boy. they are 5, 3, and 5 months. im currenly married but wanting a divorce, he is in jail at the moment going 2 prision. im living with sum friends and looking 4 a job. i have brown hair hazel eyes im 5 7. and both of my parents r dead n gone.

    • My fave color would have 2 be black but since technically it aint a color its a tint, so my actual fave color woud have 2 be purple.

    • My idea of a dream date would have 2 b... a nice dinner, follwed by a romantic action movie with popcorn and a giant soda, and then a nice moonlight walk hand n hand on the beach. and then a nice swim playing n the water. :)

    • Well I have 2 favorite saying and they r- Dnt Hate Me Cuz U Aint Me. and Its an A B conversation so C ur way out b 4 D an E F you up G. Or another version of tht would be its an A B conversation so C ur way out b 4 D jumps over E and beats the F outa u G! LOL

    • Well i would have 2 say tht my idea of the best sexy food would have 2 be choclate covered strawberry. yep deffinty my fave sexy food lol.

    • I think my childhood hero would have 2 be my g-ma cuz she was my care taker. and it never mattered how bad of a kid i was she was always there trying 2 help, she never gave up, even if she didnt belive n my choices, she always did her best 2 surport me n whatever i tried. IN MEMORY OF MYRTLE LEE WEBBER. I LOVE U G-MA.

    • Dope Game By Young Buck, John Doe By Rick Ross, In My White Tee By Franchize Boys, Black And Yellow, Country Bou By Aron Lewis, Fishing In The Dark, One More Night By Maroon 5, Last Friday Night, Part Of Me By Katy Perry. etc

    • Well there r a few things tht i like 2 collect and they r Dream Catchers, Snow Globes, Books, horse/unicorn figurereens, and cds.

    • I would have 2 say my fave foods/Drinks r pizza, chineeze, sweet n sour chicken, chicken strips, honey mustard, t-bone stake, green bean casserole, bunny track ice cream, yougert, tenderloins, french fries, mc donalds sweet ice tea, tacos, smirnoff ice, vodka, meatloaf, orange juice, chocolate milk, coffee, corn casserole, 7 layer salad, and last but not least lol would have 2 b new york strip stake, and mt. dew. there r others but i aint gettn n 2 them all lol.

    • Well i got a couple games i love 2 play which are Dablio 2, halo, grand thef auto, frontierville, duke nukem 3d, need 4 speed, monoploy, scrable, rummy, spades, ring of fire, quarters, beer pong, grand trumiso, etc.