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    Sunset Beauty

    NEW business based on michigan selling natural beauty and care products based on Moroccan Argan oil, so please don't contact if you're not interested

    March 23, 2012




  • About Me

    • all kind of chilling music

    • action , horror, movies based on real stories

    • ncis, anatomy, mentalist, expedition impossible

    • Moroccan food recipes, beauty traditional recipes

    • basket ball, jogging , martial arts

    • we are interested in people who would be interesting in all natural beauty products based on Moroccan Argan oil, we intend to build a community on tagged that will contribute building our brand , it will be yours, the members will choose the name of the brand , discuss the prices and provide any suggestions about those products , anyone can be a reseller of our products with a part of benefits or can be an associate in our company

    • our dream is living in natural and beautiful community

    • real engagement to provide to our costumers the best of what the nature offer

    • we are a married couple from Morocco and united states of America , we are starting a small business to import natural cosmetic products from MOROCCO to USA, Argan oil, Argan soap and Cream, Moroccan black soap, Ghassoul, and many other amazing natural elements to come, all our products are certified organic products.

    • Pure heaven for your skin. The amazing properties of Argan Oil offers an unparalleled skin treatment. The secrets of Moroccan women for centuries is available to you. Precious and rare organic Argan Oil is what everyone is talking about! Argan Oil is 100% pure and natural. Argan Oil contains a very high levels of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. These are collectively considered to be restorative and help minimize wrinkles and stretch marks. Highly moisturizing and nourishing for skin hair and nails. Beneficial for all Skin Types.

    • Black Soap is a 100% pure and natural vegetable pate from an olive oil base rich in vitamin E. This soap is an exceptional emollient as well as acting as offering exfoliant and moisturizing properties. Your skin will become soft and satiny to the touch. Use for all skin types

    • Ghassoul is a kind of clay extracted from the atlas mountains of Morroco. For several centuries, it has been used by the Moroccan women to clean and treat their hair and body. The powder of this mineral clay is generally designed for capillary and body care; It is used alone or mixed with plants which are useful for the care and good maintenance of the hair and body. This clay is composed of silicon, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, trace elements and pro-vitamins. Our preparation, in addition to the Ghassoul, contains medical plants which are useful for the maintenance and the care of hair