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  • Rommel Villabroza

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    Live your life to the fullest

    June 23, 2005




    Pacific Islander


  • About Me

    • I enjoy all genres of music depending on my mood...But I usually listen to popular music on the radio stations.

    • I love movies based in history and period pieces as well as romantic comedies and of course, the testosterone filled action films. I like horror but they scare me...Haha

    • I like the home repair or car building reality shows as well as the mystery ghost, alien, monster searching shows. I also like the dramatic series of certain shows usually based in past time periods and history.

    • I enjoy how to business and real estate books but my enjoyment reading are fictional novels again based in past time periods from the Dark Ages to the Colonial and wild western periods...

    • All of my fave teams are based in Chicago, Illinois. I love the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and the Cubs, all pro teams in american football, basketball, hockey, and baseball.

    • I love to read, like cars, exercise at the gym, watching sports, and browse and learn about different cultures even from my computer...LOL.

    • I just want a simple life full of love, laughter, and lasting memories...

    • Everything...Haha

    • I am just a happy go lucky guy that does appear serious, especially when I am in deep thought. But, I have always looked serious on the outside but full of laughter and jokes on the inside...Get to know me...