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  • Heidi L

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    Purple Moonlight

    Deeply shocking positive gunpowder radiator.

    February 2, 2011





  • About Me

    • Yö, Suvi Teräsniska, Maroon5, Bon Jovi, Movetron, Shania Twain, Finlanders, Enigma, E-Type, Enya, Poets Of The Fall etc. etc.

    • LOTR etc.

    • The Biggest Looser, Tanssii tähtien kanssa, Neljät häät, Kadonneen jäljillä....

    • The Secret, The Power, Angels And Demons, The Lost Symbol etc.

    • Running walks, gym ball exercises, Zumba, a dance with stage...

    • Music, fashion, books, theater, concerts, outdoor, self-knowledge of meditation and yoga

    • To travel, read good books, get a dream job, finding a good and workable relationship, engage in a relationship, and to himself

    • Good and beautiful singing voice, warmth, genuineness, positive attitude, integrity, natural beauty