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    Old Farts like me need love too! Go for it, if you aint tried it how do you know you dont like it! This applies to just about everything

    January 13, 2010



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    • Opera, Big Band Classics, Country and Western, Rolling Stones, Jazz both Modern and Trad

    • Good Movies

    • Are there any good ones on tele???

    • Anything thats exciting and well researched

    • Rugby Union, Cricket. Motor Cycle Racing (Classics only)Sailing, Flying.

    • Just generally enjoying myself in my retirement

    • Winning the lottery Would be very nice I guess.

    • Smile, Sense of humor

    • Make me happy .

    • Been looking seriously about going to live in Spain. No not with the Ex-Pats but with the real Spaniards. Gotta be better than here, At least they do get a summer! Booze is cheaper so is a lot of the food. Dont need so many clothes. Whatever way you look at it you gotta admit it has its Up Side More or less decided. All that remains is to find a satisfactory Bungalow that I can afford! Dont worry I shant rush into it. Cant afford to make mistakes on something like this. After all its got to last me until I fall off my Perch!!!!

    • Think I may have found my new place already. Just gotta raise the cash. Easier said than done! Dont want to sell mine here want to rent it out if possible to give me an income. Gotta start some new ideas!! Nah didn't work out they kept putting the price up rather than down. Yes I know I look stupid but its all a sham I know how many beans make 5

    • Here am I waiting for messages from all you lovely women and what do I get??? Nothing!!! just `cos I am an old man it doesnt mean I am dead, Or not yet anyway, SO GET WRITING LADIES PLEASE!! COME ON YOU LOVELY GIRLS AND LADIES: WRITE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Think I am going to quit this site.. Guess I am just a boring Old Sod!! What do I have in common with most people on here??? , I just get so fed up and bored out of my mind. Might as well go somewhere else and be bored Or there again I suppose I could just end it all for good!!!!.. G`night to all.

    • What the fucking hell is net working, It used to mean you were a fisherman. guess its something different now though. One of these fucking new Buzz Words is it. Someone get back and explain it to me please. `Cos we cant all be smart asses Never did get an answer to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nobody writes to me or on my Profile Page. No tags if fact NOTHING!!!

    • Going away for Christmas just over three weeks away from all the tat and rubish. Nobody thinks of Christmas and what its all about. Religion isnt everything but its more important than getting pissed every night

    • !

    • Like it says Friday 26/07/2013 got a message to say that a real Old Friend of mine has died in Thailand. We had been mates for more years than I can remember . Just had a heart attack and died! We always kept in touch and I gotta admit I loved him he was special> Feel lost knowing he is no longer there! He always phoned me on my Birthday no matter where he was, Never forgot! God I do feel down just thinking about it. Guess its going to be a long time before I get my head around it! WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? STILL CANT GET MY HEAD AROUND IT1 STILL WAITING FOR AN EMAIL FROM MY MUCKER. At lEAST NOW AFTER 2 YEARS i KNOW i AM NEVER GOING TO GET ANOTHER MATE LIKE MY BUDDY RHYS. WE COULD TALK ABOUT SUCH A WIDE VARIETY OF THINGS FROM SHAKESPEARE TO MODERN WARFARE. OF POETRY AND KINGS AND GODS GREEN ISLE OUR HOMELAND, A JEWEL SET IN A SILVER SEA. WOULD THAT HE WAS STILL HERE WITH US. THE END OF AN ERA NOBODY LEFT THAT I CAN CONVERSE WITH AS I DID WITH MY DEAR OLD MUCKER

    • ************************Still grieving for my old mate. Why is it that women dont understand that we fellas can also have some very close friendships just as they do. My Old Mate Rhys and I had been friends for decades. We were so close it was unbelievable. I keep waiting for an email from him, How sad is that? It just doesn't seem possible that he is gone. We talked every week me telling him my problems and him telling me his. As it turns out and I found this out from another mate, he had been ill for some time. But typical of him he just got on with things and said "I`m alright mate, dont worry" Well obviously he wasn't alright. So if you have a close friend let them know and keep in touch with them, cos one day they aint gonna be there and then you will know how I feel right now. Tell them they are special be it man or woman, tell them you love them and show it. He and I did but I am still knocked over by it. Get back if there is anything your dont understand

    • Why visit my profile and then nothing??? At least introduce yourself. Who knows we could become friends! In any case to just peer in and not contact seems sort of Sneaky. Not knocking any of you personally but just get in touch. Critics welcome and potential friends also. I dont bite or at least not if you dont want me too. COME ON YOU HAVE READ WHAT IT SAYS HERE SO CONTACT ME AND LET TALK OR SOMETHING! I AM LONELY FO CHATS WITH PEOPLE


    • Bad news today. Just found out that a dear friend of ours was found dead lying on her sofa. She apparently looked so natural as though she was just asleep. She is already dearly missed . She was the ultimate friend. She would do anything for her friends. She had very recently become a Grandmother and she was so excited because of it. Now the baby will never know her. So very sad. We, are devastated by her death. Good friends as all of you know are hard to come by. But she was wonderful. So talented also. She could build computers from scratch. Indeed she built mine and maintained it for me. We are lost without her. Me I can write things but when it comes to the slightest thing technical about computers then I am the worlds biggest dummy. To think we will never enjoy her company again is so sad. Big empty space in our lives from now on. Dont think anyone can fill that space. She was something very special. So very sorry and Sad to lose her . God Bless Lyn.

    • Yes I know I have lots of friends on here. But lets be honest. They are not real friends are they? They are not the sort of friends that you can go for a drink with when you are feeling a bit down. And let be honest we all feel a bit down from time to time. That what we all need REAL FRIENDS NOT MAKE BELIEVE FRIENDS BUT THE REAL THING. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN??????? IF YOU DO THEN GET BACK TO ME. GOD KNOWS i NEED ALL THE REAL FRIENDS AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME.

    • ZILCH