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  • Ace 💻💵A.S.O💵💻

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    October 30, 2011





  • About Me

    • R&B/Rap and some classical

    • Lion King is the all time favorite(you heard

    • Dont watch much tv

    • Dont read much

    • Basketball

    • Money, females, and females with their OWN

    • Muscles, Mind, Smile, and Let me know if I forgot somethin

    • I don't do drama at all. Bring it into my life and I will erase you from it. Plain and simple.

    • Anybody who wants to make a couple of extra dollars a day should message me for info on how. No upfront costs. No monthly membership fees or quotas. Just finish your work and get paid.

    • If I message you at anytime and you don't feel the need to message back for whatever please do me a favor and delete yourself from my friends list. I added you to have conversations not to decorate my page. Thank you.

    • I'm in the Army but I also work for a company called Acosta as a Retail Coverage Specialist/Store Auditor($)