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  • Mahendra P


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    Want to make a difference through Home Business Coaching

    October 31, 2011







  • About Me

    • The Police, Bee Gees, Carpenters, Saturday Night Fever, Grease

    • Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Cash Flow Quadrant By Robert Kiyosaki. Must read for everyone on this planet! including children

    • Love tennis, Soccer, and love to watch all sports. Favorite teams: Manchester United, New York Yankees, Boston Celtics, San Francisco 49ers

    • I love making a difference in people's lives by sharing my vision for each person can prosper in this down economy through "Home Business Coaching". Anyone can achieve financial success provided they want to be coached by someone who is doing it

    • I want to sponsor a village in one of the poorest countries in Africa by donating 50% of income towards this lofty goal.All who become part of this will follow this dream and know when the destination is reached.

    • Very coachable and be willing to help everyone who wants to be helped.Main thing is: Don't blame situation for your misfortune. Follow a successful mentor and you can do the same or even better.

    • My passion is" Everyone needs a home business?" Reason: Tremendous tax advantages and with social security not dependable, this can help everyone join a recession proof home business that will help you with retirement income also. You cannot afford not to be part of. The million dollar question is: "Which home business do you want to be part of?" No is not an option! This is my passion and I want people to join me in order to spread this message and make a difference! Simple! It really is not about MONEY but only about making a difference. We are on this planet because it is our responsibility to help our fellow people and share what will help them with something that is helping you!

    • I passionately want to help anyone who wants to be coached in a home business by showing you an inexpensive home business trainig platform that can help anyone worldwide to run a successful home business. My email is: