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    warriors, black & white

    @Some point in life, they'll eventually get it. ~This aint a race it's a Marathon~

    October 29, 2011




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    • 📚 FicOrNon, seems all the same these dayz, if you read it for what it really is. Its kinda easy to see from the outside inward, who ever looks at it from the inside-0ut though.

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    • Empirical knowledge, people with a purpose, intellectual dialogue. Current affairs.

    • Im living it!!

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    • 🌅 🌃 🔥Resolute🔥 ~ ~ ◄ ► U accept the terms, URDa market research Proj Whole 100yr study on a dumbed down society USet YaLifeup 4failure&Hate when fate is realized ~🍯Bunches Of NPC Dejavooboos on Pew⌛️~ 6°Degs of Separation & IBetU they're All FaKe,Mad,delusional & below Bottom Barrel🪞📜 ¿Who can you Trust? 97.5% St8🧢🧢-biErthang Bi-polar, Bi-Choice, bi-sexual or just a weak bi+@# Wateva they created ofU.. Nobody wants datsht. 2Become a lingering digital avaricious futile Mf Show sumthing dif, Besides A Sugar2💩AzzBiih CantAllBToxic&1ofEr, Discernment is AmF Ayee Onlyif LooksMatch IQ, CausYa Vanity BrokeBiih KeepItUp,Lets see how it turns out4u.GrwnKidz GoAskYa Granny'sGrand how2obtain this levlz

    • ...if thats as far as you can see... oh well, pictures would do no good then...🤔 Whats in Darkness always comes to light, you aint know...

    • You don't know nada bout me and vise versa😶. Stop Assuming things and find out the truth behind things for yourself, i kno iam. If a person ever had anything to say, it would be demonstrated. Everything else is no bueno.

    • I NEVER SEEN SO MANY FAKE, WEAK AND OBLIVIOUS AZZMFS IN MY LIFE TIL. But... Once the main feed was took, that was the beginning of a new Censoring. 😒

    • Humble, independent, focused and a goal oriented Man. I know who I am, where I stand, What I want and where I wanna be and what I'm not. My Intent Is to understand, put all pride aside and for one to except me for me. Learn to know, except and understand you for you. I have my own, hold my own and stand by my word. Match! or forever hold

    • ...AlwayzDesktop1st. App2nd

    • WISH ME..

    • Wow. but their first aint...Nvm...ok