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  • darkness of the shadowshifter


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    the darkness with in

    July 8, 2012







  • About Me

    • death metal, metal, and some others

    • horror, thrillers, action, si fi,

    • csi, true blood, touch, revenge, ncis, the simpsons

    • rachal caine, ann rice, patrica briggs, more into horror thriller and dark fantasy

    • some sports

    • readying, writing my two books, love nature, meeting new people, i love all things dark and mysterious, i love the shadows so dont disturb, i love long drives, im very spiritual even when it comees to my crystals, tarrot readyings and working with the dead, i love my ipad i dont know where i would be with out it lol sad i know. things i hate: fakes, role players, users, cheaters, people that think their better than everyone else, people who think their (normal) tell me what is normal we are not made from a factory,

    • i have a few, my eyes, my skin, and my sence of humor

    • enter my domain and all shall be revealed, take a seat get comfortable and all will be unfolded.