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  • ✌Ash

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    Make me a cup of tea, and I'll probably sleep with you. 👉👌

    May 17, 2011



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  • About Me

    • I like anything you're brave enough to throw at me. I prefer live music.

    • Billy Elliott. Dumb and Dumber. Mean Girls. Step Brothers. Elf. White Chicks.

    • At the moment I'm loving the Olympics.

    • 50 Shades of Grey is straight porn, but hilarious.

    • Hockey, Football, Cricket and Drinking.

    • Culture, music, equality.

    • I have many. But they change constantly..

    • I don't really have a best feature. I've been told I have nice wrists and hands? Fucking weirdo. I like to think I'm genuine, loyal and useful?

    • I like food. I play guitar. Jelly Beans are amazing. I'm always falling over. I'm not easy.

    • Tomato Soup. Fighting. Fakes. Liars. Dumb people. Thunder. Skeletons. Arrogance. Money. Knees and elbows. Miley Cyrus. Wine. Slang. Clothes. Loads more..

    • Sport. Food. Fruit Juice. Jelly Beans. Converse. Music. Cuddles. Spontaneity. Photographs. Adventures. Rain. Sexy time. Tattoos. Confidence. Honesty. Calpol. Water balloons. Boxers. Loads more..