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  • About Me

    • I Love all music Except Opera! MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!!!

    • Comedy, Drama,Action guess I love them all

    • not much of a tv watcher but like reality shows comedies, csi????

    • Favorite Author V.C. Andrews ,But basicly read everything

    • Are you ready 4 some football Luv it!!!My fav NFL Team is the Carolina Panthers Just luv Them

    • Hmm well I like being outdoors enjoying nature & if I had lots of money I would love to travel all around the world 2 see all beauty that surrounds us Egypt, Spain, Paris, would be the first to visit...... WE Just have to open our eyes & see & enjoy All!!!

    • My Dreams?? Well I try to live one day at a time for our days are short you never know what tomorrow brings LIVE,LOVE,& LAUGH OFTEN !! JUST A DREAMER I GUESS ....

    • Well I'm a Happy go lucky kind of person I think sometimes too happy that it drives ppl nuts oh well I LOVE God first without Him what is there ? Really?? My family.. Adore my son he's my light And yes I am MARRIED!! I am here for PLAYING THE PET'S Game & Friends love meeting people from every where I don't Judge people Because I wouldn't want to be judged So I accept all flaws & hope I am accepted in return 4 who I am???