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  • Ibrabah B

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    December 3, 2010



    English, Italiano

  • About Me

    • reagae is ma life but i can also enjoy other music.roots an cuture any way all music is depen which one you like..but for consios is reagae...somone special host wit god love faitfull

    • not so much....

    • Reality an nature

    • the book of life reality jah words

    • football i like it very well is part of ma life ....

    • peace love younity an happynessss.good life an serious queen by my side.i need only 1 queen for ma life...leh jah give me the way to see that queen.blesssss 1 love 1 heart to every body....

    • my dreams is for only me an ma baby darlin....i dn sharh it with no body....

    • is to be good no heart every body be real.sepret right from peaceful kept praying to you r blessssss

    • Ibrabah from gambia the rest you cn ask me if u want to know born to be good jah work only love cn set me free