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    Sunny Beach Day

    100 percent ,,or nothing,,, no excuses,,that simple

    October 31, 2010







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    • Reggae, R&B, Reggae-ton, Calypso, Country,

    • Dirty Dozen, Dead Presidents, Scarface, The Godfathers

    • CSI, Law and Order, Miami Vice, 24, Unit, Dr. House

    • King James Version Bible, The Secret, Memoirs of Reagan, Clinton, and Bush, Inside the CIA

    • United Kingdom Soccer, American Football, Cricket, Chess, Table Tennis

    • Knowing one's mind,and why we do the things we do??

    • To be happy ,and meet that special lady who will bring ,and give me happiness,,,and if possible make some-one smile today ,,and let them know better days are coming,,,and that JESUS LOVE YOU

    • NOTHING .......................


    • I am a simple gentlemen,who is not asking for the world,,..I was born in London England ,currently living in Fortlauderdale Fl,,,,I regard myself to be honest,caring,loving,,devoted,,passionate,,understanding,,soft hearted,,very sensitive,,compassionate,,loyal,,and most of all God Fearing ,,man,,,,,,,,I am a hard working person ,,,and just like anybody else have made my mistakes along the way,,,some-time i wonder what would it be like to be PERFECT,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • If you are seeking love ,,,willing to share , build our CASTLE together,,,to love me as i love you ,,comfort each other when sad ,,,,try to be as interactive as possible so our relationship stays exciting,loving ,,happy,,be of support to each other at all times ,,,,accept each other for who we are ,,,must have an open mind ,,,be able to reason ,,talk about issues,,,solve our problems together,,most of all be faithfull to me ,,,love me with your heart,cherrish my love ,,respect me as i respect you ,,,,take those walks hand in hand ,enjoying ,,admiring, the moon lite nights and stars ,,holding hands watching the sunset over the ocean,,,looking into each others eyes and saying I love you ,

    • where i come from ,i grew up understanding LOVE has no color ,,,,only until i arrived here in the usa,i realized that a country so big ,and so powerful ,,has a problem ,and some people here will associate a color with love ,,,i have no problem with your race ,,,but then you have to understand that we will have a lot of learning to learn if you are of a different race ,,because our culture ,and customes are very different ,,,,,but as long as you we can love each other then we can work on perfecting our relationship,,,, ,COMMUNICATION IS VITAL,,,,,,,like i said im a simple man,,,,are you interested????

    • So you think you are in love ??but in reality you are in a dead end relationship ,,,he's not the same anymore,regardless what you do the love and attention you give you are awarded with,,,,,,,,,,lies,deceit,,lonely nights,he may have even become abusive?he forgot you on valentines day,annerversary,new year ,,,broken your heart ,,,,no time for you ,,,,you cry yourself to sleep wishing you could hear the words I LOVE YOU,,,,,,,,but you still love him,,,,,why why ,???you owe it to yourself ,you deserve better i may not be the the answer ,,but give yourself a chance to be happy again ,,,,,,so may GOD BLESS YOU ,,,,,,,