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  • Francis :)


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    "Search Google images for masculinity and feel free to Photoshop your face on that image of me" - Link. Best quote ever haha

    October 2, 2010




  • About Me

    • Pretty much anything :)

    • Comedies, anything with Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler or Jonah Hill.

    • Hmmmmm kinda too busy lately to sit down and watch tv, but anything funny, i'll watch it :)

    • Not much yet, planning on reading Game of Thrones and the Hunger Games series soon as i find the time :)

    • I play basketball, bit of pool, jogging.

    • To be in yours ;) haha

    • I suppose everyone writes "you tell me ;)" in here, i might as well write it aswell :P . . . YOU TELL ME ;) . . . :L