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    Sweet Tiger

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  • About Me

    • all types

    • mostly horror, action, and comedy

    • mostly crime dramas

    • East of Eden by John Steinback, Whoreson by Donald Goines, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, lol this list is never ending so im going to just stop.

    • video, online, card, and board games; word, logic, and number problems; bowling, shooting pool, and basketball (I suck at all sports though)

    • I want to run, maybe even own a business. I am not certain what kind yet.

    • I guess it depends on whether or not you want my opinion or what others say. I love my nails. Others either love the lips or the eyes (hazel-green)

    • I can be sweet, but I'm honest all the time. So if you don't like the truth, I'm not the person you should ask questions. I do try new things (nothing too risky though, I'm not jumping out of any planes unless its crashing!) Anything else, just ask.