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  • Eviloution

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    Stars and Stripes

    Is it what it is! What is it!

    August 30, 2010







  • About Me

    • Ozzy Osbourn! Adele! Can also do country an oldies ! BUT NO THUMP MUSIC!

    • Snail Wrestling!

    • History channel!

    • Stephen King !

    • Submarine races in the TENNESSEE RIVER!

    • Love riding mc,camping an the ocasional beer joint! do some tv an a little video games on my ps3!

    • Ok they all went to hell!

    • I love my children an gran children more than life it`s self!

    • Thank Goodness i`m not complicated! Or maybe I am???? But at least I know I`m single!

    • COMPLICATED!So what is this on here! your relationship is complicated ! You are complicated!Your whole life is complicated?? Your either single or not!!or is that too COMPLICATED!!