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    August 21, 2010



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    • Bhangra, remixes of old songs

    • Titanic, Mr & Mrs. Smith, Takers

    • Cricket & wrestling

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    • I think I have many sides to me. I'm very serious about certain things, like work and coffee (or course). But there are times when I just like to go with the flow. Like on vacation for example. I hate over planning vacations. The best time I had on a trip was when I went to France for 7 days without an itinerary. You'd be amazed how much fun you have when you can be free to experience a new place. Physically I'm well proportioned. 5-6 and around 170 pounds. I have brown short hair (now) and brown eyes. Some people used to say that I look like Sunil Shethi an indian actor . I don't see it though.