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    Profile got Hacked and taglines changed . Don't you just love getting fraped ? On here to network with Interesting people .

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  • About Me

    • Muse ,U2 ,Kings of leon , Metallica,Thin Lizzy ,Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Killers, The Frames, Bloc Party, Damien Rice, Sterophonics, Led Zepplin,Rory Gallagher, Jeff Buckley, Mic Christopher, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queen, Bush, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Clapton , Del Amitri, Sting & the Police, Florence and the machine, Incubus,Bob dylan, David gray, Blur ,Eminem, Appocalypta, Pearl Jam, etc hope I did not leave out any other influential Artists as the list could go on

    • Recent Or Classic? Films have always been a great passion in my life. there an escapism or even lessons on the reality in which we live in.Obviously depending 0n the genre.So what I am trying to say is that films are a way of relating the impact they had on you in certain intervals in your short life. Heres a list of the most influential films that I have ever watched and if you have not seen some of these then I suggest you watch them.So I will start with the early ones.Who framed roger rabbit,Rover Dangerfield,Land before time, All dogs go to heaven,Fern gully,Never ending story,Edward scissor hands ,The Burbs, Little mermaid,Pocahontas, Mulan, 101 dalmations and other disney classics.Now onto the more appropriate collection.Jurassic Park,Star Wars, Monty phytons The life of brian and the Holy Grail,Indiana Jones,Lord of the Rings, Saving Private Ryan, Tigerland,Independance Day,Braveheart ,Hackers, Troy,Hostel, Toy Story, Back to the Future, Fight Club, Remember the Titans, American History X,Pulp Fiction, Rules of Attraction,Matrix and AniMatrix, Bad boys ,American Beauty,Resevoir Dogs,Sin City, Seven, Mission Impossible,Kill Bill, Arachnophobia, Negotiater, Fifth Element,

    • Turns out that I am after running out of space on the movie section so I am just going to Take some space from the T.V section instead. So to continue my list Uncle Buck,Die Hards,Leon,Or La professional,Training Day,What about Bob, A time to kill,Not all there , Shaun of the dead , Waking life,Resident evil,Big, City of God , Ghostbusters,Enter the Dragon,Et mama tu Bien,Pushing tin, Motorcycle Diaries,Majority of the James Bond Collection,Demolition Man,Bourne Films,The Rock,Hot Shots,Team America,Shrek ,Not another teen movie,The general,Old School,Roadtrip,Leaving Las Vegas,Wonderland, Heat, High fidelity,Con Air, Crash, Armageddon,Lock Stock, Snatch,Revolver,The Departed, Anger Management, A Scanner Darkly,LA Confidential,Beautiful Mind , Donnie Darko,One flew over the Cuckcoos Nest, Blow, Goodfellas, Sleepers, Mystic River, Usual Suspects, In the Name of the Father,Ordinary decent criminal,Mars Attacks,Great Escape, Something about mary,Meet the Parents,Fast and the furious, Shallow grave, Pitch Black and LayerCake

    • TV SectionHow did I leave out Monty Phyton?So favourite without a shadow of a doubt has to be Top Gear,then Soprano s,Father Ted, Simpsons,South Park,X files when they first came out,Wheeler Dealers,How its made, American Chopper, Deadliest Catch,LA Ink, American Hot Rod, OverHaulin,Men Behaving Badly,BlackAdder,Bottom,Nip tuck,Podge & Rodge,2DTV, Rm101, Have I got news for you,QI, Heros ,PrisonBreak and could not keep up with LOst watched the first few seasons then lost interest. Young Ones, Misfits is watchable ,Sin Cities, Hells Kitchen, Greys Anatomy, adult channel previews cause I m too cheap to subscribe,Naaaa more than likely I wouldn t leave the House in case I d miss something As for Books Love them I can mispronounce names places and words and still have a great insight into what is going on.First Epic book introduced to me was the Lord of the Rings,Hobbitand the first few Chapters of the Simarrilon by J.R.R Tolkien, , Dan Browns Writing is also Suspenseful,Deception Point,Digital Fortress, Angels and Demons and of Course the DeVinci Code, Rule of Four, Can t remember the author,Supersystem by Dolye Brunson,Books on Astrology and Eygptology

    • Even though I enjoy Alot of sports for some strange reason I prefer taking part in them instead of been a sideline critic, I enjoy five aside soccer, Played Hurling and Basketball,Done some Rowing, Cycling and now due to an injury I am after developing an interest in swimming.Done alot of gym work also

    • Film and every thing Film realated,Music ,playing guitar, composing and writing, Cooking, Enjoy writing poetry and pro s pieces, Love Cars and motorbikes and all things Fast and skillful, Love Playing Poker and reckon I am gone from Semi Pro to Borderline Pro when I start Cashing in instead of bubbling at final tables I think then I will call myself a pro. I enjoy a clean and controlled Environment and could be classified as a hopeless Romantic, I also think I can Sing so karaoke machines look out

    • Get the a Part in the new Up and coming Halo Film As I have enough knowledge and excitement built up in me that I think Im going to Implode :Become an animator- Work for Dreamworks /South Park / Simpsons/ Fox : Join the B.B.C. and spend years trying to get a spot on Top Gear Just Purely to test Cars to their Limit. : Work for a Rally company then branch off into F1. :Break into the Film join a film crew. :Work for Bungie Designing and Testing games and new Software. :Work for a Film Magazine enjoying previews, gala s and tearing shreds into those films which take those precious minutes of your life which you will never get back resulting in you telling your friends "How great it is " letting them endure it and creating a shared subject matter and of course promoting worthy films. :Work for a Mens Magazine writing short amusing anecadotes,Sample the latest gadgets and the real motivation a chance to meet Glamour Models. :Become A Singer song writer. Become A professional Poker Player :Become a Fluffer Or a Roadie I think there the same job.

    • My Personality or am I just speaking metaphorically

    • I over think alot of things

    • Lisa(S4D) (HP-11-C) on 16.12.10