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    July 9, 2010



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  • About Me

    • Arts-and-crafts, walk-hike-backpacking, nature, gardens, cooking, romping, travel, good chats face-to-face, pubbing, cats, X-cultural meetings, meeting under a tree with full moon, bear-hugs, playfighting or wrestling gently with a strong girl, armwrestling, a woman that can lift me up and swing me in the air.....

    • New challenges in creative work.

    • YOU tell ME !? ;)

    • == Into PENPALS which could lead to REAL-LIFE friendships, but not into a new relation == " I'm Heteroromantic Asexual, also Gay-friendly however , with unique very strong cratolagnia / sthenolagnia feelings" .. well.. google about all that... ;-) (For Asexual, google AVEN website) I do have dyspraxia, but find my own ways around it, since I was born :-)

    • ... if you've got some of these: low IQ, too girly - too feminine, physically weak and touch-me-not attitude, afraid of dirt and sweat, bitchy (and all synonyms) ... and if you're acting on TAGGED as if it is a theatre show, with no meaning towards real life.

    • .... if you are a SCAMMER (reported at once), if you want SEX (you can find yourself a couple of dozens suitable sex-date-sites, so don't bother me), if you want something DIFFERENT from what you write down in your own profile. Easy to remember, isn't it ? ;) ... and OH yes, I DO NOT play any of those silly kiddy-games that are on this site, thank you very much. ;)

    • I live in Belgium. But I frequent London much. (..which did not include the whole Brexit trouble period and Covid quarentine period, however...) A distance by car at max some 1/2 day travel time from home, is not a problem for friendships !!

    • ... if you're a woman/girl with at least a few of these: GSOH, Athletic or Muscular build or just physically very Strong, Tomboyish, Outdoorsy, friendly-rough-&-wild, ... and if you too really WANT to meet friends in real -life. And then, you'dd love giving me piggyback rides !?? ;-) ... (My goal is meeting-up, try to remember! Not hastily, but a steady goal. For enriching Real-life FRIENDSHIP, but NOT for relationship or marriage.) ... and read again the "It's a turn-off..." section, PLEASE... ;-)

    • UPDATE ! ... Those are definitively canceled on my profile. So, if you send them, they will drop AUTOMATICALLY in an endless sandpit and will never appear on the profile page anyway... I want PERSONAL correspondence. Write personal messages only, please. Remember, the other copy-paste stuff will not not even reach me, nor appear on here anymore. THANKS

    • If that or similar ("hi" - "hello" - "hi handsome" - ... are the most common brainless 'personal introductions' I see...) is the only thing you can imagine to say, please walk on, and As I said before: I don't need scammers. If you want to talk to me, show you've read my profile and that you actually are responding on its content...