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    • A man that will be RESPONSIBLE and ATTENTIVE! And I like dark skin tall men. Humm yes and I love certain features on My Black Man.. Like big nose, full lips, beautiful eyez... And hummm LOL.. Well the rest hope its GOOD! Roflmaoo So basically I'm sayin that am not attracted to just any type.A Good Man! With a good heart, good spirits, energy, vibe... Ok This started to sound like Paranormals... ROFLMAO Be Serious & Be Yourself! I like a A Real GENTLEMAN with Manners!'CuZ as I say "Manners Matter!!" !!! Responsible is a RULE! One that knows how to listen with "The Ears Of His Heart" instead of his azz. I want him to hear me out 'cuz I dont speak shit! I am a Smart Woman so I know what I'm talkin about... With that said wether u behave or u dont, ur choice.. But All I know is I KNOW WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT WHEN I SAY SOMETHING! An understanding, Passionate Man... Affectionate, Loving, Caring and VERY Thoughtful!.. (like Me)...

    • Im not into arguements or drama even though I know that in every relationship there r some of those wether we do or dont like 'em... Unfortunately! Again as I say, We been Created Differently by GOD! We werent made in a type of newspaper factory where all the products are same! LOL If u know what I mean...:-P Im attracted to Mature Man with a Healthy Head on his shoulders! No Sickos that arent stable! Thanks!