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    June 11, 2010





  • About Me

    • The Man Who Would Be King, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Rushmore, The Extra Man

    • Peep Show (It's a British comedy) Pretty much anything that isn't totally idiotic.

    • Dune, The Collected Works of Robert Lowell, Ulysses

    • I had a dream that I made Smurfs fight to the death and I had a betting pool based upon the blue blood sport.

    • My awesome.

    • My physical type *cannot* be classified by science, my `familiar' is a triceratops, I feed it Men from Mars! I weigh 273 pounds in zero gravity, *blow me down*! Yes, I'm the goddamn Man of the Future! Yes baby, I'm 273 feet tall and have 666 rows o' teeth; I was suckled by a triceratops! I'm *radioactive*, I make a *spectacle* of myself! I'm a bacteriological weapon, I am *armed* and *loaded*!