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    May 20, 2010



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    • mainly horror

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    • !!!!! My dreams aren't "getting married, having kids, a white picket fence". i am not a traditionalist by no means and won't pretend no matter what. I am going to be a doctor in the field of infectious disease and pathology disorders. I am a writer, researcher, scientist and was born that way. My dreams only include allowing my true self to always shine through and letting love roam free within my soul.

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    • READ!!!!YOU FINALLY TO THE END, BUT BEST IS ALWAYS SAVED FOR LAST!!!! What you want to know about me, come and ask, but don't assume one real thing. i am not one of those pretending and playing games, the typical stereotype of what a male is, isn't my name. Who i am is shown from start to finish, no BS,no drama no time for misconception. So question encouraged without a doubt,