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  • 🐾ℒɑɗƴ Ɯσlƒ🐾 τhηχ ➣☯ℂ𝕆𝔹ℝ𝔸☯

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    do not ask me to buy you, do not ask me to buy your pets i buy pets from my wishlists WISH ME not really here to chat like the game to muh addicted

    May 24, 2010



    Nederlands, English

  • About Me

    • ballads, hiphop, trance spaninsh music as long as i can dance on it

    • game of thrones love jon snow, underworld, off course twilight fiction movies all movies with wolves and vampires

    • ncsi all of them

    • love romans

    • go to the gym every weekday love spinning

    • sunbading, beach or enjoy the sun on a terrace with a drink

    • travelling around the world

    • to be with people who are the same as me the same interest, music, holidays, travelling, living a good life.

    • i am a very honest person i say what i think, some people cant handle that but thats just the way i am.

    • Like to run with my pets i am not really a chatty person but i will respond if you have something interresting to say so dont expect a response always ........sorry like the game to much and never ask me to buy you or your pets ........if you think i should buy you add me to my wishlist because i always buy pets from the list