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    Live Your Life!

    March 24, 2010



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  • About Me

    • My music taste isn't for everyone, that's for sure ;-) I grew up with Punk Rock and I still like it and hardcore metal. I like some rap and trance but I mostly listen to Dope, Slipknot, Rise Against, Hollywood Undead, Korn and bands like that BUT I appreciate all types of music and each to their own tastes, what you like is cool too as far as I'm concerned.

    • I like real life adventure movies, sports movies and very rarely a 'chick flick' hahaha

    • Anything on NatGeo - man v wild, Everest - Beyond the Limit

    • Creative Visualization, Pathway to the 3 Selves, Road Less Traveled, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

    • Surfing, swim, bike and running

    • Surfing, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Climbing and Hiking. I like independent, sexy women who speak their mind and live their dreams.

    • Stay strong healthy and successful in life.

    • Attitude

    • I do many things but I am an IT person. I respect other people’s dream and goals and never stand in the way of them. I travel a lot for work and I like to surf and do triathlon around Asia and other parts of the world. I am very much into health. I have set up my businesses so I can travel and work remotely. I really believe we need to "Live our Lives' to the fullest. Time in NOT free and we shouldn't waste it ;-)