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  • James B.


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    March 5, 2010




    Caucasian/White, Native American, Pacific Islander, Other


  • About Me

    • country,blue grass, rock,I like most all music,shakira hips dont lie.Raggae,opera,celtic, old hymns, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley..,classical,Chieftains.River walk,

    • red dawn,anchorman,the mummy,the polar express,pirates of the caribbean,corpse of the bride,submerged,tigerland,the marksman,kingdom of heaven. James Bond 007,and many more....

    • csi,house,24,v,two and half men,law and order,ramon,forensic files,x files,are you being served,Jag,{ all Stephen King movies,made from his books } army wives,ncis,The big bang theory. MORE,JUST ASK ME,THANK YOU.

    • theology,libraries,drawing,art,oil painting,traveling,concerts...much more,,

    • God to save this earth the people are evil.,and peace on earth all nations, the kids of the world not go hungry..We can all love one other...

    • my mind,my very light blue eyes,my long eye lishes,my kindness........

    • im down to earth,easy going,full of life,kindhearted.compassionate and to help my friends the best i can. In life~~~ Im 5'9''-190 Lbs.Blue eyes.~~

    • One of my hobbys is to paint on canvas.Landscapes,flowers,fruits,water. I also like to draw,i love to draw trees.

    • I love to watch people,its fun,just go to the Mall and sit,and look at people,its fun to see all the crazy things they do,and say.

    • I know very little spanish now,any more ,i talk English only,but we can still can be friends,if you like.My family came from Spain;& Portugal. I lost growing up how to talk,

    • I am a people person,i make friends,very easy,I can get along most of the time with any one,I am very out going,I do not smoke,I drink a little Wine when i eat,I do not use drugs,of any kind~~~~~~I would love to have you as~` my new friend..... Thank You... please join me here on Tagged...

    • I have been described by my friends as the following, funny,witty,person able,attractive,easy going,sane,,charming,intelligent,kind,& a; warm,independent,helpful,handy,sexy,sensual,classy,compassionate,tender heart.down to earth,and full of life.....

    • Health,and a good life style.

    • My family came to Arkansas in 1845,my great grandfather was in the civil war,in Arkansas.

    • TO Spain ,Prince Bresal,is my blood line to his father,King Milesus of Spain,latter shows up in 1700 century Kingdom of Ulster,Social register of Erin..

    • family history,and genealogy data. if you are interested in this hobby let me know,i will help you get started,right away on your family tree,and how to do your roots...... My father is native American, im working on that blood line now....

    • want to meet and just be friends and hang out,go to my in box.Leave me a message....

    • No Drama,please !!!! if u are here to play head games,or to Lie or to play me, u can just get lost,dont add me as your friend,just keep on going,No Bull Shit.....pLEASE,ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,OK ?

    • Tell me if you like them !!!!! I add new one's every week.

    • My mother side of my family,came From Madeira,Portugal. Their Family surnames are Figueira & de Silva,went to the U.S.A.