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    Nu Money318 a young upcoming inspiring artist just being the best man I can be

    January 16, 2010






  • About Me

    • My taste in music is universal, but my main interest is rap, as I am tryin to break into the rap scene with my own fresh cuts.....N2Deep, Master P, Silk, Genuwine, 2Pac, Bone Thugs, Snoop, Dr. Dre, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Nemisis, Mr. Pookie Lucci, Curtis Mayfield, Ludacris, Nickelback, R Kelley...Those are just a few to name, if you wanna know more then hit me up ladies

    • Horror movies are what's up, but I also like Mob and Gangster movies as well. Love me some cartoons too..Don't everybody?!

    • Martin, Fresh Prince, Different Strokes, House of Payne, The Boondocks, The George Lopez show, Family Guy, Discovery Channel, Military Channel, Reality Shows....Fear Factor etc.....Wanna know more?...Ask!

    • The Bible first and foremost, my interests in books is the same as my taste in movies.I do favor small motivational stories and some poetry....The rose who grew outta concrete by 2Pac...a must read!

    • all kinds..Football, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Kickball, Baseball, Volleyball.....Too many to name.

    • I am learning new shit all the time but continue my search for knowledge by going to the library and absorbing what I can that will help further my education, as I am self taught.

    • my dreams are to only to be shared with those who get close enough to find out....

    • My homegirl Baby told me my best features were my baby face and gorgeous smile with lips formfitted to catch any girls eye....So she