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  • John In Honour of My SAVIOUR, JESUS

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  • About Me

    • The Bible, the only one I need, 66 different books, written by some 40 authors, from a diversity of lifestyles from gatherers to doctors,over 1500 years chock full of exciting true stories that all compliment each other & are in total agreance to the understanding of history & the future & gives direction as we live our lives to where we need to be, if only we would trust the Almighty Power & wisdom & knowledge of God & allow Him to be our Captain instead of us wanting to take the controls!! I CHALLENGE ALL TO ALLOW JESUS INTO YOUR LIVES! PRAY AND READ THE BIBLE EVERY DAY,WORK TOWARDS 1 HOUR A DAY IN THIS,AND ASK HIM TO SHOW YOU WHAT YOU NEED! BE READY TO FOLLOW HIM! SEE WHAT HAPPENS,GIVE IT 60 DAYS AND SEE WHAT GOD DOES FOR YOU. YOU'VE GOT NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

    • The word of God, according to what He wants and to His Character of love and obedience in that He is sinless. .... See Other Interests listed below.

    • will value me for my heart and sincere love and care for their well being, Will respect my choices as i will for theirs and forgive me for my unperfectness, will be patient except for when i tic them off but will be honest enough to gently explain my wrongs with out ticking me off! Will have a sense of humour regardless of how minute it is, will share tears of happiness as well as those of trying times and most importantly will allow me to be their Good Friend and encourage each other in these things.

    • Is guaranteed by the five C's:- Christ centredness, Committment, Compassion, Compromise, Communication

    • She IS BEAUTIFUL! She loves God! I'm so lucky She loves me, with all my faults! SHE IS MY PRINCESS! "MY CHICKY-DEE IS MY VICKI AKA"SPARKY" !

    • Colin, or Col to those who are not against My Creator Saviour God or me. I was named in honour of My two Grandfathers who passed away the year I was born and they fought at war that those after them might have a right to the liberty God gave to every man to chose to do right and respect others in freedom of choice.

    • The well being and happiness of friends and loved ones. Bush walking and being out doors going for long drives, walking the beach. Have an interest in classic cars and hotrodding, landscaping,home renovation and have an interest for inventions. Health and nutrition is an important part of self preservation and has allowed me the knowledge that enabled me to heal my dog of bowel cancer.

    • My friends are not shown because of scammers and those who have no respect for others. If you become my friend, I will watch out for you where ever I can.

    • Our 14 year old friend and companion (black and brown dog, Charlie) passed on February 14 2015. Another sad time. The second of our two dogs, Lucky put up such a huge fight to continue but sadly passed 12th July 2016 we miss them dearly like children we have had for 16 years.The best friends a person could have, so loving , so loyal , so trusting. Why can't people have these attributes of true love and friendship.