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    We live in very stupid times - Ortega y Gosset

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    • Hip Hop to Jazz; Classical to World Music, and a lot of stuff in between. Ademius, Al Kooper, Andreas Vollenweider, Blues Project, Bruce Cockburn, Buena Vista Social Club, Cake, Cazwell, Celia Cruz, Chick Corea, City Boy, Clark Sisters, Colton Ford, Criara, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Didi Favreau, EMF, Enigma, Emerson Lake And Palmer, Erik Satie, Etta James, Exquisite Corpse, George + Ira Gershwin, Habib Kiote, Haslinger, Incredible String Band, John Serrie, Jan Hammer, Jean Luc Ponty, Keith Jarrett, Led Zepplin, Les Ritas Mitsouko, Mr. Mister, Odetta, Operatica, Oscar + Hammerstein, Paul Winter, Pharoah Sanders, Pink Floyd, Sarah Brightman, Sergi Rachmaninoff, Simply Red, Sting, Sun Ra, Talking Heads, Tangerine Dream, Terry Lee Brown mixes, Thrice, Tim Hutton, Tom Waits, Tracy Chapman, WAR, Paul Winter

    • The Fifth Element, Privilege, Shameless Old Lady, Satyricon, Pollack, Beautiful Thing, Baraka, West Side Story, Videodrome, Soylent Green, K-Pax, Spirited Away, Yellow Submarine, The Cosmic Eye, La Cité des enfants perdus, Alone in the Wilderness, Jarhead, Midnight Express, Singing in the Rain, The Triplets of Belleville, Milk, Joe Gage's Kansas City Trucking Company + Closed Set [the first version], Metropolis

    • don't think too much of tv but: Nightline, C-SPAN, Jon Stewart, Dirty Jobs, Nova, Holmes on Homes, MMA/WWE, Red Green Show,

    • Garcia-Marquez (100 Years of Solitude); Depositional Sedimentary Environments; Ferlinghetti (Coney Island of the Mind); Edward Abbey; Hesse (Narcissus and Goldmund); Richard Brautigan (Trout Fising in America); Russell Banks (Continental Drift, Cloudsplitter); John McPhee (Basin and Range); Rockwell Kent (NxE; Wilderness; Voyaging); Voltaire (Candide; Ingenious); Paul Theroux (Patagonia Express); Bradford Angier (At Home in the Woods; Free for the Eating, Surviving in Style); Walker Percy (Thanatos Syndrome, Second Coming); Annie Prolux; biographies; sci-fi; DIY

    • rugby, futbol, hiking, bobsledding, hunting + fishing

    • farmland preservation. visual arts, watercolor painting, collage making, hiking, camping, hunting, lots of time in the woods, walks on the ice, splitting wood, off-road and off-the-grid inclined, human rights advocacy, cooking game dinners, carpentry, DYI, I'm not opposed to cities - enjoy visiting them - but don't plan on living in one.

    • Hey there Buds! Think your interested?. Give a look at of my "favorites". Before asking to "Match" with me check out my picks [as well as my pix] and groups. And if you say "Yes" to me but have a "Private" profile, sorry I don't have the time. Just cuz you think my goatee looks hot, there's more ta life than swappin' spit, ...not that I have a problem with that.

    • Ansel Adams, Harry Bush, Thomas Hart Benton, Caravaggio, Jean Cocteau, Marcel Duchamp, Thomas Eakins, Edwin Forbes, Marsden Hartley, Edwin Holgate, Winslow Homer, Jasper Johns, Rockwell Kent, Rene Magritte, Louise Nevelson, Robert Raushenberg, Diego Rivera, Larry Rivers, Alfred Waud, Niel Welliver, N W Wyeth

    • Adirondack Mountains, NY; Akwesasne Nation; Amsterdam, NH; Anza-Borrego Desert, CA; Ashland, ME; Baltimore, MD; Belize City, BZ; Bisbee, AZ; Blue Hill Bay, ME; George's Mills, NH; Lewis, NY; Mt Lemon, AZ; Moodus, CT; Montreal, P.Q., CA; North Adams, MA; Paris, FR; Philadelphia, PA; Pine Barrens, NJ; Rushford, NY; Santee, CA; Saranac Lake, NY; Stuart, FL: Ukiah, CA

    • Hey friends! Thanks for all the nice comments, pics and postings! I read every one of them but here are the "rules" ok? Please do not post Chain-Letter comments- those "send this back to me if you're my friend" postings. They are distracting, lack original thought and the huge text and picture boxes force real comments off the page. DO NOT post pictures that show full nudity, sex acts or what Tagged might call "Porn."in short NO NUDITY. NO WIDGETS that play MUSIC or VIDEOS. They take too long to load and hijack everything else in the process. I shall remove posts that don't conform to these requests and I'll block those who repeatedly clutter up my profile page with this stuff. THANKS!