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  • Kiley M


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    November 9, 2009



    English, Español - México

    Caucasian/White, Other



  • About Me

    • i like everything ex. 4 country =]

    • freddy got fingered

    • the L word

    • ehhh reading is lame lol

    • hockey and basketball

    • ladies im single =] what do u think my interests are?

    • ima b a counsler =] and i mite join the military.. idk tho

    • my boobz and eyes =]

    • im a lesbian and i love it if u have a prob wit that then thats ur shit isnt it =] i will still talk to guys but plz dont hit on me or i will stop talking to u =[ and we dont want that do we......GREEN ROX MY SOX OFF...anything else u wanna know u r gonna have to ask =]]