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  • Joy

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    To Know Me Is To Love Me

    November 8, 2009






  • About Me

    • I like it all, most of all I would have to say Rock N Roll then Jazz,Oldies,& Some Country

    • I have to think on this one have not seen a movie in a very long time

    • I am not much for TV but when I am watching some I would say CSI - The Zoo - Two broke girls

    • The Best book I have ever read is the Bible

    • I do love football then baseball and the best is playing the slots

    • I would have to say riding on a Harley to have the wind blow in your face to feel free..then swimming and hanging out with my friends or just sitting home ,,,if you would like to know more about me just as me and I will tell u no lie

    • Belive in your dreams for dreams do come true

    • All of me

    • I guess you will have to find out or just ask me and I will tell you no lie