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    If you dont like to chat then please dont add Not intrested in numbers just intrested in friends and i like asian woman

    October 15, 2009



    Nederlands, English, Deutsch

  • About Me

    • all kinda from pink till Pink Floyd santana to house trance to disco and more trance

    • E T Greenmile Dragonfly Backdraft Dirtydancing 1 and 2 Lord of the rings Ice age Shrek Whats eating Gilbert Crape From Dusk till Dawn Starwars allof them The last Samurai The chronicals of Riddick Pitch Black Mongol Triple X Jason Bourne all parts Hitman The Transporter

    • NCIS CSI The Simpsons South park Casino

    • nea i wait till its on disk

    • love to watch it

    • Asian woman and american cars

    • Go to Thailand and live there

    • my tongue

    • ask anything u want just love to talk about sex its the only thing the cant put taxes on hehehehe if it must i can chat desent to so no worry have fun out here

    • Why do all the scammers think we are so easy Our are there real people that indeed think with there dick For u scammers I will never and i say never sent any money to someone i never have see in real life and if u know how manny money i can get every week from people like u Its money laundry and the The that think he get some millions gets the bill of the taxes ond get arrested for moneylaundry I hope there will be a law soon that make a end to these polusion so guys and girls look out there are manny of these people here on tagged also beautyful girls that come from ??????? bud study work our are lost in Ghana Nigeria our other African country beware this is most likely SCAMM SORRY FOR THE GIRL,S FROM THESE COUNTRYS THAT ARE HONEST AND REAL YOUR VICTUMS TO FROM THESE

    • start to ask for money our other kinda things and u get deleted blocked and reported

    • I love it all kinda if U dont like it that dont add greetings Geert


    • I DONT ADD WOMAN THAT STAY IN NIGERIA SENEGAL OUR GHANA BECAUSE TO MANNY SCAMMS HERE AND I GET SICK OF TELLING WHAT AND HOWE FOR NOTHING SORRY FOR THE GIRLS THAT HAVE HONEST INTENTIONS BUT I CANT SEE THIS WHEN I ADD sorry if u feel that i insult you because u are real in sorry for that bud i cant see who is real and who is not sorry for that

    • Im a 51 year old singel dad of a 18 yo son . I was married 2 times and both woman did cheat . So i dont belief in getting married any more .Kids i cant make any more so its just to go to the toilet our to have fun with. Im a Employee assembly . I build machines and repair them. So u can see in my profile i love t o have sex and if u dont like this dont add me. I dont trust woman easy because i had not so good experiants with this. Only one day i hope to meet my soulmate. Have fun Geert

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