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  • fadaroi


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    October 7, 2009






  • About Me

    • reggae jazz r&b..pretty much all music with a rhythm that i can feel...i like the old nat king cole, and brook benton..bob marley, lauren hill, 2pac, bone thugs and harmony...&more

    • the matrix, it's a wonderful life, and any good comedy

    • i am not a great fan of reading..i am more likely to write

    • music, world peace, and to teach people how to adjust their states of mind, to maintain a level vibe

    • i am not a dreamer nor a believer..i am a planner because i know, that anything one goes after, is attainable with bring attention to nature's prowess, is one of my aims..

    • my frankness, my singing, my poetry, my personality

    • i am a singer, writer, poet, musician, studio engineer, and some of my friends will say i'm a comedian... i take life one day at a time, and give thanks to the creator, for every little thing. i avoid all stresses.."things or people"..and i try to always keep a smile upon my face...