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  • Bill W


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    JUST LET IT RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    September 30, 2009






  • About Me

    • country music,rock, techno

    • underworld,starwars,indiana jones,ghostrider,most vampire movies

    • reaper,csi,jag,

    • civil war,egypt,midevile

    • Football,(bucs,seminoles)Baseball(braves,rays)!!!!!

    • fishing,videogames,civil war reenacting,camping

    • dont remember them!!!!

    • my brown eyes!!!!

    • well im a really layedback kind of guy,i try to get along with everybody useually i do it takes a lot to piss me off but when that happens i blow my top and dont calm down for along while, but that only happens rarely very rarely .like my tag says LET IT RIDE!!!!!! which means dont worry about shit you cant control it will work it self out in the end.