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    Even in laughter the heart maybe in pain.

    September 23, 2009



    Tagalog, English, 日本語

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  • About Me

    • alternative,punk, rock, ballad

    • Pacific Rim, 300. Rise of the Empire many 2 mention, Resident Evil Series

    • Pepito Manaloto, Vampire ang daddy ko, G2b, Gokusen, Densha Otoko Many 2 mention

    • Hiro Mashima, Eiichiro_Oda

    • Ronaldinho

    • Photography, Filming, Documentation, Japan, MUSIC.

    • I want to become a recording artist someday....and make not only to make music but to spread the message of my song....

    • best to see for yourself

    • see for yourself. Lets talk and have a chat.


    • Playing guitar, Photo editing, Listening Jrock or Jpop, watching random movies

    • zelhankun