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    September 1, 2009



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  • About Me

    • I love all kinds of music

    • Id rather be living

    • SURFING, dancing ,rollerksating, pow wows, camping, fishing, scuba diving ,horseback riding,lacrosse,car racing, my chopper, playing with my grandkids as much as possible! Defying the impossible odds!

    • Building web sites ,advertising, resources for people. Advertising for those who sent me in the direction of my life. Had I not left the NE i might not have ever surfed or been given such opportunity and abiltiy to help others. Gone to college or became a surfing indian LOL and there are no women like indian women!

    • To keep my leg and that my body accepts the hardware placed in me from a fatal tee boning. I have an imitation hip, pelvis, femur ,srews,cement ,plastic , holding me together since 4 months after my 42nd birthday 4 months b4 my youngest daughter turned 18.

    • I didn't think creation made mistakes.

    • I do bite,and play with sharks for real, we are very docile swim minding our own buiz we are only viscious when provoked.

    • NO....please don't ask

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    • lost friends ,my pets, videos and profile

    • Search for me i dont sign on here much

    • Human race....If you bleed red, eat food ,have the same DNA as a tree, don't count a person on color , just for the color they share in life , you don't take anything with you leave, it is what you leave behind that matters. ;D

    • Walked on water ? Was he surfing , I hope so. Theres so much medicine and magic in the ocean its been there since the beginning of time as we know it.

    • ART, love ,friends , being a good human being. There are no 12 step programs for surfers, the faithtful, or philanthropists. I love helping others and being an inspiration too.

    • Mohawk(wolf clan) from father, Seneca+French Mother (turtle clan) from the Iroquois 6 nations of NY. Our flag is LAVENDER with white marks representing the original 5 nations. Before the small pox incident and the confederacy which many of our people scattered about. many to Canada as many indians ran north to save there families from the Genocide put on our people wuith the first bilogical warfare ever to reach this land. (Mohawk,Onendaga,Oneida,Cayuga,Seneca) On our flag Mohawk Tribal Flag is different red black and yellow. My Hair is very dark brown almost black like my eyes, with chestnut hightlights the sun bleaches my hair lighter and turns my skin black. In Tampa Bay 10 yrs. I was mistaken for hispanic quite a bit. I speak it/ im not it , I speak several languages ever been to NY its diverse as it gets!

    • My family is registered on military roles in spite of them trying to burn our names down at st Regis. Our reservations many with out running water and light in NY and to far from anything for decent work. Not everyone gets a check , and we all pay txes unless we live and work on the rez. I speak Kanienkahaka, french,spanish,chinese, proficient English and few others native tongues as ojibwe and lakota on moderate basis. My people built NY wrote the constitution , we are Catholics and did not live in Tee Pees we lived in Long Houses. NOTE Hawaitha is man his wife Minee HaHa. The Haiwatha Belt is our tribal history written into wampum shells we were originally 5 nations we adopted the Tuscaroroa from NC a non voting member. Cousin to Cherokee people.