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  • Joseph C


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    dj house

    is it strange that i know how to laugh at bad jokes or make u laugh at a glance no im just that kinda man

    August 16, 2009




    Black, Native American



  • About Me

    • i am eclectic in the music i listen to so just about everything

    • Banderas, Depp, Carey, Robbin Williams the list goes on

    • fuel

    • Stephen King

    • Football, Futbol

    • music, creative writing and all around having fun

    • Many dream with little success but those without a dream have no course and fate lets them fall into despair

    • hmm lets see id have to say either my smile, my delts, my eyes, or my pecs.

    • Im in love with music and i welcome any challenge im no dummy im book smart and street smart and i have fun no matter what mood im in