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  • T.J. T


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    Good to be back in Texas!

    August 18, 2009




  • About Me

    • Blues,Rock,Country B.B.King,Stevie Ray Vaughn,Hendrix,Ray Charles,Kid Rock

    • Comedy has to be my favorite. I have seen the first half of a thousand movies. Usually get bored and fall asleep.

    • Discovery Channel,Sit-Coms

    • James Michener Novels...who has time to read?

    • Fishing,Fishing,More Fishing I Was a Professional Bass Fisherman for 12 years. Now mostly just for fun yet still very competitive.

    • Love the outdoors,travel,live music,fine dining

    • Get my kids off to college and go see the world. Hopefully by then I will have found someone special to see it with me!

    • A deep voice that will rattle your I've been told, sense of humor

    • Raised a West Texas gentleman.I still have a hard time letting a lady open a door,pump her own gas,etc... I have 3 children which I am extremely proud of.ages11,13,14. I have been raising them by myself for 10 years. They consume most of my time yet are the most loving,wonderful,rewarding little turds a parent could ask for.

    • I would wait til mom falls asleep so I can steal the keys to her 1985 chevette and ten dollars out of her purse. I would pick you up and take you to mickey d's and buy you some fries. From there it is off to the strip club where I bum fifty bucks from you for lap dances and spend the rest getting you trashed on tequila shots. Then its off to your place where after you pass out I take off your clothes and have my way with you. I will then rifle through your medicine cabinet stealing all scrips and sudafed.On my way out the door I will steal your I pod and a cd or two. Sound Fun? LOL If you have a better suggestion I am up for about anything so let me know!