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    Fate Smiles... Destiny Laughs

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    • MusicMusicMusic.. No Rap Please... Select Few Opera's "Phantom Of" My Fav.. Have Seen 3 Times, So Far... Chicago, Indianapolis & London (The One in UK ;-) Chicago By Far The Best !! JC SuperStar... Love Ta See Again !! **NEWS FLASH** Got To See Again !! As Wonderful As I Remembered It Ta Be : )

    • "Almost Famous", "Pirate Radio" ("Boat That Rocked") Anything Comical or Historical.. Hmm's Could Be Both... Sci Fi, Goes Without Saying

    • Whats TV?

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    • Colts, Bears.. Which Ever I Can SCREAM @ The Most... Unless We're In Final 16 WORLD CUP *\o/*Go USA *\o/* Everton Football Club *\o/* COYB *\o/*

    • MusicMusicMusic *\o/*

    • Music Will Never Die !!

    • Being Terminally Shy

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    • Below Are A Few Of My Stained Glass Windows (IF TAGGED DIDN'T DELETE THEM) \o/ grrrrrrrr WoooooHoooooooooooooooooo's *\o/* Let Me Post... Let's See 4 How Long!?! Thanks Tag :D