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    • Indian love songs and Africano music,classical as well as modern.The spiritual world is a song,for without a song,a day is to long,without a song man is not getting along,without a song the road never ends

    • rocky 1-4 , terminator 1-3 , rembo 1-4 , police story , titanic , who am i ,

    • discovery , animal planet ,news channel's

    • romantic nobel's & All type's of knowledge book

    • Cricket,Football,Quality Boxing,Mixed Martial Arts,Tennis,and Swimming.

    • friend, driving , chat , cooking ,

    • To known a gud person who is kind , rich & good nature & well settled in his life

    • My eyes , Honesty ,Spirituality, i am Kind heart, Brave heart person .

    • The heart of a person is the seat of the soul,therefor look for love in the hearts of your fellow man and woman.

    • They love you, but they are not your lover. They care for you, but they are not from your family. They are ready to share your pain, but not blood relation. They are... FRIENDS!!!!! A True Friend: Scolds like a DAD... Cares like a MOM... Teases like a SISTER... Irritates like a BROTHER... And loves you more than a LOVER. Share this with all