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  • Hiddenrose

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    Believe it or not.. there is an empty place in your heart that can only be filled by God..

    June 8, 2009



  • About Me

    • i like almost all kind of music but jazz has been my fave.. o yes.. hymns and gospel on my top list now :-)

    • more interested now in movies such as left behind, the unleashed mark, war room, old fashioned, God's not dead.. hmm.. any more suggestion?

    • csi, ncis, and also shield

    • years ago i loved grisham's books, sheldon's, rl-stine's, mary higgins clark, jk-rowling's and steele's but now i am interested more in spiritual books like the spiritual man by watchman nee and of course.. my Bible :-)

    • Ask me? :-)

    • well lets see..roses?(checked), wine?(checked), cookiiiing?(checked) uhm but still more to learn ha ha, pets (oh yeah I have dogs and bird..and also some of you virtually on tagged lol), gardening(interest more in roses, grapes and herbs), witty chat and people who make me laugh a lot.. well there are still more and that's including growing in Christ and church life :-)

    • Every roses color has meaning.. and I picture my dream as a combination of white and pink/dawn.. uhm also red?Meaning? Hmm.. I think I'd better keep it for myself until that dream comes true ;-)

    • my heart? this very Christ within me? :-)

    • I like this saying; "life only comes around once so you'd better make sure that you spend it with the right person" :-)

    • Pets.. pets...and pets.... fun fun and fun... and yheaay...i am getting more and more clever in playing pets LOL