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  • siti marieh

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    its me,,,

    life is like a game sometimes we miss and get hurt but life doesnt end when our heartaches begin it only ends when we give up and stop believing

    May 30, 2009



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  • About Me

    • love song

    • none

    • american idol

    • cooking book,readest digest

    • tennis,badminton,bowling

    • searching real life travel around the world finding a real man whos ther with me good or bad sadness or happiness

    • to fullfill my dreams ambitions

    • nothing much

    • im interesting girl you want to find it try to know me better

    • true happiness is when you spend timewith someone you truly care it is when time seemsto fly so fast just sitting beside him doing nothing is a time well spent

    • philippines and im proud to be a philippine

    • december 22,1974

    • im just 38 yrs old tagged count so past