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    Butterfly Green

    Dream when everything seems so frustrating...Age means knowledge and experience...

    May 28, 2009



    Tagalog, English



  • About Me

    • Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Soul, RnB, Bossa Nova, some danceable music

    • Romance-Comedy-Action-Suspense-SciFi (Dying Young, An Affair To Remember, Braveheart, Pretty Woman, Miss Congeniality, Message In A Bottle, Autumn In New York, A Few Good Men, Awakenings, etc)

    • I used to jog and run, or do aerobic dancing but not anymore...will get back to that when things get smooth...

    • Just want a happy and simple life...

    • I think when people get to know me, they'll know my best features, inside and out...

    • I want clean conversations and some respect.